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Saint Francis of Assisi school was opened in 1929. We presently occupy three buildings, with the Pre-School classes held in the building adjacent to Conway Hall. The stone school building contains classrooms for Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, main  office, computer lab, nurse's office, Delaware County Intermediate Unit  remediation and counseling room. The brick building presently contains classrooms for Grades 4-8, principal's office, faculty room, Honors math classroom and contains a combination auditorium/gymnasium. St. Francis of Assisi School has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools since 1984.

Scrip Order Form

Click here for the Scrip form. Please contact Debbie Peterson or Amy Foran with any questions:

Scrip is the Parish based program where you purchase gift cards to your favorite stores through SFA and get a percent of that purchase amount back as a tuition credit or rebate check. The scrip program is open to all registered members of St. Francis of Assisi parish.  The goal is to assist parish members in meeting ever-increasing financial demands and to support the parish.  If you have a child in the SFA child care, elementary school, Religious Education program or a preschool, high school or college where you are required to pay tuition, the credits can be redeemed to help with those expenses.  It is a program that over the course of your child's education can save you a significant amount on tuition and help the parish at the same time. 

How Does the Scrip Program work?

Participating stores sell gift cards to St. Francis Parish at a discount.  The parish then sells the gift cards to parishioners at full face value thereby earning the difference as profit.  A portion  of this profit is them credited back to the buyer, either as a school tuition or Religious Education fee voucher or rebate check.

When you use the program you will give a check or cash for what you would like to purchase, then we will give you your gift cards and a receipt for your credit earned from the purchase. The gift cards are spent the same as cash at participating stores.

Ready to redeem your credit?

When you are ready to redeem your credit, simply send your receipts into the rectory in an envelope along with your email address or if requesting a rebate check, your street address. After the amount has been confirmed, you will receive a voucher via e-mail that you can print out and attach to your tuition payment and minus that amount from your check.

if you are requesting a voucher of any kind, please have requests or credits sent in by the 15th of the month. They will be processed within the next few days & sent or mailed to you depending on what kind of rebate you get. If request is past the deadline of the 15th, it will be held onto until the next month.  

*Credits expire one year from date earned; so make sure to look at your dates for redemption

How and when do I get started?

NOW and it's easy!  By being a member of the Parish, you are already enrolled. Simply give your name when ordering and upon pick up, you will receive a receipt with your credit listed.

Can others purchase Scrip and give us the credit?

Yes, other family members, friends and neighbors can purchase gift cards and have that credit percentage applied to your family’s account. All they need to do is give your name when purchasing the certificates and either give you the receipt or leave it at the sales desk for you. You must be a registered member of the parish to receive the credit/rebate.

Is it really a significant savings?

YES, YES, YES!!! You are going to receive tuition credit for purchases you would have made anyway. Ex.  If you purchase $200 of Acme @ 3% credit, you will receive a credit of $6.  Going away or travel for business?   We carry gas and hotel cards. You can also pay your Kohl's charges with gift cards purchased through our scrip program and earn 3% credit at the same time. 

How do I order?

The Scrip Program has three convenient ways to order and pick up scrip.

1.  Internet order:

All of the available stores and denominations are listed on   The store discount percentage listed on this site is the full discount provided to the participating organization.  Each group sets their own percentage for the buyer.  The actual discount provided to the purchaser will be reflected in the parish receipt given at time of pick up.

Once on the above site, register by giving your email address and

Enter the SFA code:         9B6CCD424L2L

2.  Rectory Sales

Scrip is available to buy every Sunday from 9-11:15am in the Rectory.

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