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Saint Francis of Assisi school was opened in 1929. We presently occupy three buildings, with the Pre-School classes held in the building adjacent to Conway Hall. The stone school building contains classrooms for Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, main  office, computer lab, nurse's office, Delaware County Intermediate Unit  remediation and counseling room. The brick building presently contains classrooms for Grades 4-8, principal's office, faculty room, Honors math classroom and contains a combination auditorium/gymnasium. St. Francis of Assisi School has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools since 1984.

Week of 5/6-5/10


-Wednesday 5/8- 8th Grade Fundraiser Night at Freddy’s in Broomall from 4-8pm

-Thursday 5/9- May Procession at 7 pm, please arrive in classrooms by 6:30 pm

-Friday 5/10- 7th Grade Trip to Philadelphia – Students should arrive to school by 8:00 am per usual and we will arrive back to SFA at 6:15 pm. Below is our tentative itinerary.

8:30 Depart school

9:30 Arrive in Philadelphia at Independence Hall 

11:30 Lunch and tour at the American Revolution Museum

2:30 Head over to Philly from the Top Observation Deck at One Liberty Building 

3:30 Travel to Dave and Busters for buffet dinner and arcade play

5:30 Depart for SFA

6:15 Arrive back at school

-Friday 5/10- Summer Uniform Begins (It will begin 5/13 for 7th and 8th because of field trips.)

*Students may bring water bottles to gym class*


-Wednesday 5/8: 7th Grade Math - Ch. 10 Lessons 6-8 Test

-Thursday 5/9: 8th Grade Science - Ch. 9 Characteristics of Waves Test

-Thursday 5/9: 7th Grade Social Studies - The New Republic Lessons 18, 19, 20 Test

-Wednesday 5/15: 7th Grade Science - Ch. 7 Plants Test

-Friday 5/17: 8th Grade Social Studies - WWII Test

-Friday 5/17: 8th Grade Math Test - Ch. 10 Lessons 8-9 Reflections, Translations, and Rotations in the Coordinate Plane



·         Math 7- Find 4 circular items in your house and find the area and circumference of each using a ruler

·         Math 8- WB pg 315

·         Social Studies 7-

·         Social Studies 8- 


·         Math 7- Study for Ch. 10 Lessons 6-8 Test tomorrow

·         Math 8- WB pg 316 #5-9

·         Social Studies 7- Activity 4 page 117, Lessons 18, 19, 20 Test Thursday

·         Science 7- 

·         Science 8-  


·         Math 7- Translations handout

·         Math 8-

·         Social Studies 7- Study for Lessons 18, 19, and 20 Test

·         Social Studies 8- 

·         Science 7- Bring in magazines that can be cut up for vision board collages

·         Science 8- Study for Chapter 9 “Characteristics of Waves” Test

Thursday – Get ready for field trip! Please arrive to school at our normal time and arrange for a ride home from SFA at 6:15 pm.

Friday - Have a fabulous weekend!

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