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Saint Francis of Assisi school was opened in 1929. We presently occupy three buildings, with the Pre-School classes held in the building adjacent to Conway Hall. The stone school building contains classrooms for Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, main  office, computer lab, nurse's office, Delaware County Intermediate Unit  remediation and counseling room. The brick building presently contains classrooms for Grades 4-8, principal's office, faculty room, Honors math classroom and contains a combination auditorium/gymnasium. St. Francis of Assisi School has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools since 1984.

Homework for 4/25

8th - worksheet on solving quadratics - As students have been told since the beginning of the year, they need to show work. There is no way that any 8th grader can solve 15x^2 -3x = 3 - 7x without any work. This was from a worksheet where there was room for the work. Because there are computer websites and apps that can solve these types of equations, homework without work will not be accepted. Students have been warned many times.

7th - pg 370 and 371 4-10

6th - pg 470 1-7

5th - none

4th - Review for Topic Assessment

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