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Saint Francis of Assisi school was opened in 1929. We presently occupy three buildings, with the Pre-School classes held in the building adjacent to Conway Hall. The stone school building contains classrooms for Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, main  office, computer lab, nurse's office, Delaware County Intermediate Unit  remediation and counseling room. The brick building presently contains classrooms for Grades 4-8, principal's office, faculty room, Honors math classroom and contains a combination auditorium/gymnasium. St. Francis of Assisi School has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools since 1984.

Nurses Corner

To: Parents or Guardians

From: Marianne Gonzaga – School Nurse, St. Francis of Assisi School

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you briefly about some of the health services offered by the SPRINGFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT. Care given in school is limited to FIRST AID in accidents and illness until you can be reached. EMERGENCY CARDS are kept for each child which provides us with emergency information to assist in locating parents, family, physician, or another specified emergency contact. It is important for you to keep this information UP-TO-DATE. When a child shows signs of illness, they should remain at home. Please CALL THE SCHOOL when your child is absent. A doctor’s note may be required for readmission following an extended absence.

A HEALTH CONFERENCE is scheduled with your child each year. During this conference they are weighed and measured. You will receive, via mail, a letter advising you of your child’s height, weight, and BMI ( BODY MASS INDEX ). The BMI is an indicator used to identify children who may be at risk for obesity. Hearing screenings are done in grades K thru 3 and 7. A scoliosis examination ( exam of the back ) is done in grade 7 only. You will receive a report of this exam only if your child fails. Vision screening is done on every student in grades K thru 8.

MEDICATION may be given to your child in school. However, for any short or long term medication, SPRINGFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT POLICY REQUIRES A SIGNED REQUEST BY THE PARENT FOR THE OVER-THE-COUNTER AND PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS. Long term medications such as Ritilin also require a doctor’s signature.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS are required in kindergarten and grade 6, or if you are new to the district, regardless of the grade. It is preferred that these exams be done by your child’s doctor, as they know your child best. However, the examination may be done by the school physician if so requested.

ALL STUDENTS IN PENNSYLVANIA MUST BE PROPERLY IMMUNIZED IN ORDER TO ATTEND SCHOOL! The current immunization requirements for children entering school for the first time are: DPT – 4 doses
                    POLIO – 3 doses
                    MMR – 2 doses
                    HEPATITIS B VACCINE – a series of 3 injections
                    VARICELLA VACCINE ( chickenpox ) or written proof of having had the disease
An immunization certificate will be kept on file in the Nurse’s Office. When your child receives updated immunizations, please forward the dates to the school nurse.

As your school nurse, I look forward to working in partnership with you on promoting your child’s good health. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please feel free to contact me regarding your child anytime, either thru the school office.


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